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Friday, January 21, 2005

Interesting Things

- Podcasting may be the word of 2005, like blog was for 2004. Essentially podcasting is taking audio off the net then listening to it later. Is an interesting idea. For myself I could invision me downloading an audio podcast of a financial show or a tech show or sports show. Then listening to it on the train. If one company could capatilize on this and centralize the content like Tivo and provide an easy software package where once you hook in your iPod it would automatically get the content. Checkout iPodder.org for tons of podcasting sites and general info.

- This site offers some great statistics on tech. They cover cell phones, internet providers, RFID, computer companies, 3G networks and a ton more.
2004 online spending reached $117 billion
2 billion mobile phone users by end of 2005
Average large corporation experiences 87 hours of network downtime a year

The main question unanswered is what is the source for the statistics. Take the stats how wish, you have been warned.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

External Hard Drive to your TV

Silverscreen Posted by Hello

I know I talk alot about digital media and the freedom to watch and listen to things everywhere but here is some more. This is the LaCie Silverscreen multimedia hard drive. You can put a ton of movies or music or pictures on this hard drive then hook it up to your tv and play them all. It is sort of the digital dvd/cd/computer for your tv.

The way I see this thing being incredible useful is first you load all you DVDs onto it. Leave it hooked up to your TV for viewing. As you can see from the pic it has a remote. ( i know just what you need another remote). But then lets say you are going on vaction or on a trip. Take it with you. Watch your movies on your laptop or the TV at your hotel or beach house. It would make sharing home videos with grandma easier.

The "LaCie silverscreen is pre-configured to recognize and instantly play back a wide range of movie file formats, including the MPEG-2 ISO format and the compressed DivX format. Silverscreen also supports surround sound thanks to the optical digital output that supports compressed Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS pass through." (from Engadget)

Of course it is pricey but that will come down with time. I really can't do this justice but trust me it is very cool.


The other Think Secret rumor that was Correct!

mac mini Posted by Hello

As you can see this is the headless Mac. By headless I mean no screen, keyboard, mouse etc... You essentially get the body, all the guts. This is the Mac Mini and I like it. They made this for people like me cheap but into tech. They are priced at $499 and $599. Different hard drive size and processors is the difference between the two. It comes with iLife software. Check out the Apple website for all the info.

This I think will really help Apple get into more homes. I know I will eventually get one. For the simple reason to use iMovie, which is in iLife. Another big selling point is bluetooth is built in. There are downsides checkout Gizmodo or Engadget to find out about those.


Think Secret was Correct!!

iPod Shuffle Posted by Hello

Think Secret had the correct rumors. Apple announced at Mac World this week that they are in fact releasing a flash based iPod. The pic shows the size of it. There are ton more pics on Apples site. It is cheaper than the iPod but you lose some features. But you do get to use ITunes.

Personally I am not sure how popular it will be because there are a ton of flash based players out there and some look as cool or cooler. See the website for the specs and prices.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Gadget Mania

For those in the gadget world and for those of you not this week is a huge week for gadgets, the Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas. Here all the major players, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung etc..., unveil their upcoming gadgets. It is the car show of the gadget world. Some things are concepts but some are actual products. Gizmodo and Engadget (blogs) cover the show very extensivley. So go there to get the latest news.

The other big gadget news will come from the MacWorld Expo next week. It is rumored that Apple will unveil the flash based Ipod then. It is also rumored that it will have a screen. Another rumor is a G4 Imac without a screen will be released for $500. (cheaper to lure in non Apple users) I am thinking these rumors might be true for two reasons. 1- The website,Think Secret, that is publishing these rumors, also said that Apple would release the Ipod Photo and they were correct. 2- Apple is suing Think Secret for stealing their trade secrets. Whatever happens with this lawsuit it confirms almost every rumor Think Secret has published. I think Apple should be thanking Think Secret for creating the buzz. The lawsuit does create buzz as well but puts the kobash on future rumor mongering if Apple wins the case. If I was Mister Jobs I would plug the leaks then deny all rumors. Then let out small leaks or false leaks. Hell Apple tried to create a buzz that there was an Ipod shortage.

Anyways lots of new tech products coming out this month.


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