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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Video Distribution on your Cell

mmc card Posted by Hello

The Brits are a head of the game in digital distribution. Rokplayer is coming out with MMC cards you can purchase pre-loaded with video content. You then put the mmc card in an mmc card phone (ie Nokia 6600 and others) then watch some video on your phone. Will people use the service is hard to say. But the ideal of buying a card with Seinfield episodes is interesting. There is a really neat demo on the Rok website.

The way I think this should go is that you go to a Itunesesque website and download content directly to you mmc through a mmc card reader. That way you could plug your card in before bed set it to always give you sports highlights from the day before, the top news stories, etc... all in video to be viewed on your phone. Avantgo has the service for written word to mobile devices. You can get your PDA updated daily with the content of your chosing (ie golf tips, news etc...), but no one that I have seen has done the video side. If you know of something let me know.

The biggest issues is the copyrights and royalties but I think if you start with some small independent stuff, cartoons, sports highlights, news, that the rest will follow. No one wants to watch a whole movie on a tiny screen but maybe some basketball hightlights on the train on the way to work.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

More New Links

I have added two new links

1- Schaeffer Reseach Blog- A nice blog looking at the daily goings on in the market.

2- Emerging Tech and their Social Implications- That is not the actual name of the blog, it is IFTF. For obvious reason I listed it differently. I hate clicking on links blindly. The title covers what goes on there.

I am always open for suggestion on links feel free to contact me.

Happy Holidays!


USB Xmas Tree

Sorry for not posting a pic but I am away for the holidays using someone elses computer. But checkout this site . They sell a small xmas tree for your desk but you plug it into the usb port on your computer. Useless but fun. There are some other USB gadgets listed.

I promise some good post next week.


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Innovation in a Box - Literally

splox Posted by Hello

Yes I am making a post about a box that holds paper. Stick with me for a moment. We have all been in the office and had to refill the paper in the copy machine. The process goes something like this: go carry the big box of paper to the copy machine, cut open the yellow strap around the box, open the box then open each individually wrapped bundle of paper. I know every time I get stuck doing this I am kind of pissed and the process might be why.

Boise has redesigned the above process and created Splox, the speed loading box. In their redesign they have created a "wide-grip integrated handle, which provides better ergonomics in lifting and carrying the box"(no throwing out your back), an easy to open box, direct access to the paper (no bundles to open) and the design won them awards - The Graphic Arts Monthly 2004 Intertech Technology Award. Hey a box won a design award, that says it all.

Here is a link to a video put out by Boise but the part that really shows the value of the Splox is the split screen time race verse the old paper box. Reminds me of the Hefty Cinch Sak split screen race verse regular bags.

Now they do cost more. Not sure how much more but you will save time and backs. I can see this as an extremely valuable innovation for huge print centers. Less time lugging paper to the machines means more time for more important projects. Will it be adopted by regular offices? It is hard to say but as all things the price will probably come down a bit and then it may be found in your regular office.

Other links - Print on Demand Article
Splox Homepage


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Watch Movies on the Sony PSP

psp Posted by Hello

Sony is lighting the match of the digital distribution fire. Well this news is a little old, June, but still very interesting. The new PSP will have the capability of playing movies off of memory sticks. So maybe you have Back to the Future saved on your computer at home, well now you can put it on a memory stick and watch it on your next plane ride to Hill Valley. This essential makes it a portable media player. From what people are saying Sony is actually going to provide you with the software to convert your video to the MPEG4 format needed to view video on the PSP. People are also saying the PSP may come bundled with movie trailer memory sticks. See they have already figured out how to make money off this great advance.

Now we all know the movie industry is cringing at this news. They shouldn't because first movies are not pirated online as much as music.(basically because of the long download times and quality). Second you will already own the movie in a DVD format and all you have to do is use an encoder with compression to fit it on a memory stick (the provided software will do this for you). The ownership rights stay with that person. This argument of being able to copy content is very old. I am sure when the VHS came out the movie industry was crying about it. Embrace it and work with it. More profits will come.

scenario: You are flying out of town and you want to watch some movies on the plane. You go to your computer and transfer 4 movies onto your PSP. No DVD's to carry, just one memory stick. The obvious place this is going is to purchase movies in Best Buy on the stick or with a fast enough service download it online(of course paying for it).

Of course this is already going on in Japan, see article.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Plant a Cell Phone

phone flower Posted by Hello

Motorola has created a cell phone case that can be planted and grown into a flower. The cover is biodegradable with seeds embedded in the casing. Now this is just the case and not the whole phone and it has not been released yet.

This is great to see. More objects need to be environmentally friendly. This one is bit out there but a place to start. Another cool use of recycled materials is carpet made of corn stalks and by product by Interface Flor. Not all the carpet models are made this way but some are.


Paper Tray with USB and Firewire Hookup?

paperhub Posted by Hello

This is what I like to see the combining of technolgy with a useful office tool. This paper tray acts as a tray and as a as wire hub for all your technology tools. So instead of running your usb wire and firewire around the back of your computer you can hook those wires up to your paper tray.

This devices intrigues me because designers are finally trying to integrate technology into devices that we already use. The paper tray takes on a dual role, paper holder and technolgy hub. Checkout the Pressure Drop website for all the details and more pics.


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