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Monday, August 08, 2005

New Angle on Making Cash From Blogs

I stumbled upon a site called Chicago Uncommon. Essential this photographer is utilizing her blog to A- get exposure to more people and B- sell her prints online. These pictures are impressive. The creator of Chicago Uncommon is not an amateur but an amateur could easily create a similar blog.

The bigger idea is not that you can make money off a hobby but that you should look beyond the normal avenues of creating revenue. Advertising is not the only way to create money from a blog or any business. Look at Amazon. The obvious (and probably largest) revenue stream is from direct sales on their site. But Amazon is making some nice side coin on their associates program. You can post Amazon ads on your blog or site and get money every time a person clicks on that ad and makes the purchase. So you as the owner of the site get paid a % but Amazon gets the sale with little to no work on their side. Your site or blog is creating the exposure. Your visitors may never have known Amazon sales flat screens or whatever. Amazon looked outside their "normal" revenues and created the associates program.

Never settle for "normal"!


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