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Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Next MP3 Player Craze but with VIDEO!!

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What they are actually calling these devices is undecided. I have heard Portable Video Recorder (PVR) Portable Media Center (PMC) Personal Media Player (PMP)..... But what I do know is that I want one of these. It is an MP3 player, photo album, hard drive and my favorite video/media player. You can take a dvd or many dvd's and copy them onto the device. From there you can carry the player around everywhere. Now that is pretty cool but the kicker is you can hook it up to any video out-put and record. So you could tape a tv show or game and watch it later on the train or plane or in your cube. Some come with software that are setup like Tivo, where you pick the programs you want it to record. Ala setting a VCR to record. This is basically the portable version of the Tivo.

They come in different hard drive sizes 20gb, 40gb, 60 gb... Here is the break down for 20gb. "With a 20GB hard drive you can hold up to 87 hours of video, over 300 hours of music or 50,000 pictures with all disk drive space dedicated to either video, audio, or pictures." Do the math on the rest. It is pretty impressive.
Right now they are real new and the bugs are not worked out of them. But this Xmas they will be big and by next Xmas they will huge.

Check out this site there are other interesting features on some of he players. Like WiFi, bluetooth and a tv antenna.
Other sites: Ehomeupgrade PMP Section


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Change the whole look of your Flor?!!!

Link to >Interfaceflor

This product is on my list to get. Interfaceflor offers a solution for designing your own rug or wall to wall carpet. At their website you pick the colors of you carpet squares and then install them yourself. It cost less than wall to wall carpet and the upkeep is about the same. The benefits are that if you ruin one square you can just order another one. Also if you move you can pick them and take them with you. There are little sticky pads on the back of the squares that keep the flor on the floor. Take a look at the website there are some cool pics of how it can be applied. I've seen it in some aparments and it looks great.
The product has been in Oprah's Home Mag, Trading Spaces, Queer Eye, Extreme Home Make Over, and tons more.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Design Your Own Soccer Shoes!

This being the Do It Yourself Era. Designing your own shoes is perfect example of capitalizing on the craze. I believe the DIY craze is here to stay in most areas (topic for another time) and Nike has me hooked.

Basically, you go to the website pick the shoe style you like. They have running, basketball, soccer, tennis and other types of shoes. After picking the style you get to pick everything. The color of the sole, upper color, lower color, lace color, nike swoosh color, sole type etc. Depending on the shoe there are around 8 or so design decisions. The one I had the most trouble with was the ID part which is the word or symbol put on the side or back of the shoe. They are pricey $85 and up, but to have a shoe that you know is one of kind is pretty cool.

Another type of personalization that comes to mind is this store in Chicago called 1154 Lill. Here you basically do the same thing but with purses. You pick the style, fabric etc... I know the buzz for this store is growing. 1154lill.com is there website. Picking the fabric in store is a lot easier than online but either way it is a one of kind.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Buzz Idea

I know the word buzz is thrown around alot but here I would like to examine companies, products, technologies, news stories, deals .... whatever that creates a buzz, interest, yearn to learn more. In general today interest around anything usually begins with word of mouth and I hope to speed up that process by centralizing it. I welcome comments on the buzz and actually comments will help create the buzz or crush the buzz.


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