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Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Sites of Interest

It has been a long time since my last post and I have reasons why but nothing to interesting. I am going to cleanup my links because some either are dead blogs or the sites no longer interest me. Below are a few blogs and sites I have been reading regularly and that will probably replace the broken links or bad blogs in my blogroll.

SignalvsNoise - A blog written by the guys at 37Signals. They have created some great products for collaboration and organization. Their designs are simple and that is essentially what their blog is about. Very informative and gets you thinking about the design of your site, company or life.

Guy Kawasaki's Blog- He is the guru for startups. His book the Art of the Start is the bible for startups and his blog is a great addition to his book. The blog stands without the book but by reading the book you get more out of the blog.

Uncrate - This is the Buyers Guide for Men blog. They search the internet for the latest and greatest gear, gadgets, cars and music. I check this once or twice a week. Other sites similar to this would be CoolHunting.

That is it for the moment but I will updating my book list and attempting to write more frequently.


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