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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Growing Sneaker Craze

In the past I have written about Nike's customization site, Nike ID. Which allows you to pick out all the colors for your shoes and the cost is similar to the versions off the shelf. And Nike keeps adding different shoe styles and recently added the Nike Air Max series, which I love and will be getting a pair of 90s soon.

But the flip side of this is a whole sneaker culture that has always been around but is slowly leaking into popular culture. It all revolves around expressing your own personality and doing that with something that no one else or very few people own. So below I have listed a bunch of links to customized sneaker stores, sneaker magazines, sneaker blogs (one guy is selling his collection a pair at a time) and many other sites devoted to sneakers.

Nort - located in Berlin (i think) and they sell some very nice sneaks
Kicksclusive - a Sneaker Culture Magazine
Vintage Kicks - sell vintage sneaks
SoleRedemption - sneaker blog
Freshnessmag - culture blog
Coolhunting - hunts down all that is cool
To Darrin Hudson - sneaker/personal blog in which the guy is selling off his sweet sneaker collection. Hope you are a size 10.


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