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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Have an Idea and Want Some Help!!!

Every has an idea for a business but are not to sure if it is up to snuff or you don't know what to do next with the idea, well the Business Pundit Blog has created the The Business Experiment. "The Business Experiment is a site meant to explore three concepts: wisdom of crowds, open-source business, and the distributed nature of work. "

This is the real deal. The are seeking out sponsor and have a plan to distribute the ownership. I did not read the whole site but I am intrigued by the idea. I have an idea book that I am always scribbling down nutty ideas in. My only issue with submitting an idea is of course getting it stolen, yet in my short existence I have come to the conclusion that I am not the only person in the world that has thought of these "ideas". A plan, execution, commitment and hard work are what turn ideas into businesses.

Sorry if that was a little too "Successories" but if you have an idea sitting around and you have not done a thing with it in months seriously consider throwing it into the contest. The worst that happens is the idea goes back and sits in your idea book but the best that could happen is you get to start creating a business from your idea. Translated means you have a job, are starting a business and are part of a cool experiment/contest.


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