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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Design Your Own Soccer Shoes!

This being the Do It Yourself Era. Designing your own shoes is perfect example of capitalizing on the craze. I believe the DIY craze is here to stay in most areas (topic for another time) and Nike has me hooked.

Basically, you go to the website pick the shoe style you like. They have running, basketball, soccer, tennis and other types of shoes. After picking the style you get to pick everything. The color of the sole, upper color, lower color, lace color, nike swoosh color, sole type etc. Depending on the shoe there are around 8 or so design decisions. The one I had the most trouble with was the ID part which is the word or symbol put on the side or back of the shoe. They are pricey $85 and up, but to have a shoe that you know is one of kind is pretty cool.

Another type of personalization that comes to mind is this store in Chicago called 1154 Lill. Here you basically do the same thing but with purses. You pick the style, fabric etc... I know the buzz for this store is growing. 1154lill.com is there website. Picking the fabric in store is a lot easier than online but either way it is a one of kind.

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