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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Video Distribution on your Cell

mmc card Posted by Hello

The Brits are a head of the game in digital distribution. Rokplayer is coming out with MMC cards you can purchase pre-loaded with video content. You then put the mmc card in an mmc card phone (ie Nokia 6600 and others) then watch some video on your phone. Will people use the service is hard to say. But the ideal of buying a card with Seinfield episodes is interesting. There is a really neat demo on the Rok website.

The way I think this should go is that you go to a Itunesesque website and download content directly to you mmc through a mmc card reader. That way you could plug your card in before bed set it to always give you sports highlights from the day before, the top news stories, etc... all in video to be viewed on your phone. Avantgo has the service for written word to mobile devices. You can get your PDA updated daily with the content of your chosing (ie golf tips, news etc...), but no one that I have seen has done the video side. If you know of something let me know.

The biggest issues is the copyrights and royalties but I think if you start with some small independent stuff, cartoons, sports highlights, news, that the rest will follow. No one wants to watch a whole movie on a tiny screen but maybe some basketball hightlights on the train on the way to work.

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