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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Innovation in a Box - Literally

splox Posted by Hello

Yes I am making a post about a box that holds paper. Stick with me for a moment. We have all been in the office and had to refill the paper in the copy machine. The process goes something like this: go carry the big box of paper to the copy machine, cut open the yellow strap around the box, open the box then open each individually wrapped bundle of paper. I know every time I get stuck doing this I am kind of pissed and the process might be why.

Boise has redesigned the above process and created Splox, the speed loading box. In their redesign they have created a "wide-grip integrated handle, which provides better ergonomics in lifting and carrying the box"(no throwing out your back), an easy to open box, direct access to the paper (no bundles to open) and the design won them awards - The Graphic Arts Monthly 2004 Intertech Technology Award. Hey a box won a design award, that says it all.

Here is a link to a video put out by Boise but the part that really shows the value of the Splox is the split screen time race verse the old paper box. Reminds me of the Hefty Cinch Sak split screen race verse regular bags.

Now they do cost more. Not sure how much more but you will save time and backs. I can see this as an extremely valuable innovation for huge print centers. Less time lugging paper to the machines means more time for more important projects. Will it be adopted by regular offices? It is hard to say but as all things the price will probably come down a bit and then it may be found in your regular office.

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