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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

External Hard Drive to your TV

Silverscreen Posted by Hello

I know I talk alot about digital media and the freedom to watch and listen to things everywhere but here is some more. This is the LaCie Silverscreen multimedia hard drive. You can put a ton of movies or music or pictures on this hard drive then hook it up to your tv and play them all. It is sort of the digital dvd/cd/computer for your tv.

The way I see this thing being incredible useful is first you load all you DVDs onto it. Leave it hooked up to your TV for viewing. As you can see from the pic it has a remote. ( i know just what you need another remote). But then lets say you are going on vaction or on a trip. Take it with you. Watch your movies on your laptop or the TV at your hotel or beach house. It would make sharing home videos with grandma easier.

The "LaCie silverscreen is pre-configured to recognize and instantly play back a wide range of movie file formats, including the MPEG-2 ISO format and the compressed DivX format. Silverscreen also supports surround sound thanks to the optical digital output that supports compressed Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS pass through." (from Engadget)

Of course it is pricey but that will come down with time. I really can't do this justice but trust me it is very cool.

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