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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Gadget Mania

For those in the gadget world and for those of you not this week is a huge week for gadgets, the Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas. Here all the major players, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung etc..., unveil their upcoming gadgets. It is the car show of the gadget world. Some things are concepts but some are actual products. Gizmodo and Engadget (blogs) cover the show very extensivley. So go there to get the latest news.

The other big gadget news will come from the MacWorld Expo next week. It is rumored that Apple will unveil the flash based Ipod then. It is also rumored that it will have a screen. Another rumor is a G4 Imac without a screen will be released for $500. (cheaper to lure in non Apple users) I am thinking these rumors might be true for two reasons. 1- The website,Think Secret, that is publishing these rumors, also said that Apple would release the Ipod Photo and they were correct. 2- Apple is suing Think Secret for stealing their trade secrets. Whatever happens with this lawsuit it confirms almost every rumor Think Secret has published. I think Apple should be thanking Think Secret for creating the buzz. The lawsuit does create buzz as well but puts the kobash on future rumor mongering if Apple wins the case. If I was Mister Jobs I would plug the leaks then deny all rumors. Then let out small leaks or false leaks. Hell Apple tried to create a buzz that there was an Ipod shortage.

Anyways lots of new tech products coming out this month.

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