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Friday, January 21, 2005

Interesting Things

- Podcasting may be the word of 2005, like blog was for 2004. Essentially podcasting is taking audio off the net then listening to it later. Is an interesting idea. For myself I could invision me downloading an audio podcast of a financial show or a tech show or sports show. Then listening to it on the train. If one company could capatilize on this and centralize the content like Tivo and provide an easy software package where once you hook in your iPod it would automatically get the content. Checkout iPodder.org for tons of podcasting sites and general info.

- This site offers some great statistics on tech. They cover cell phones, internet providers, RFID, computer companies, 3G networks and a ton more.
2004 online spending reached $117 billion
2 billion mobile phone users by end of 2005
Average large corporation experiences 87 hours of network downtime a year

The main question unanswered is what is the source for the statistics. Take the stats how wish, you have been warned.

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