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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Virtual Music Stores

vms Posted by Hello
The Virtual Music Store is coming. Imagine a store where you can go in and create your own mix CD or download the latest and greatest songs to your Ipod. Its sounds good, so good you will see it in Starbucks soon as well (at least they are testing it). I love the concept. Just recently my girlfriend said she wanted an Ipod for Xmas. But I said who is going to put the music on it? Of course the answer was me. But what if she could walk into a store go to a kiosk, hookup here Ipod and search for songs and transfer them herself. The store helps alot of people.
1-people who do not have CD burners but have CD players
2- people who have computers but either have none or a slow internet connection.
3- people who are scared to download music off the net b/c they think they are breaking the law (in some cases you are)
4- people have MP3 players but do not take the time at home to download new songs. you go to a store for that reason.
5- My girlfriend example. The mp3 is past the early adopter phase and now everyone wants one but not everyone has the skills/patience to download their music.
I came up with those 5 markets pretty quickly. There are other companies out there doing things with music kiosk. Kiosk in bars, airports, music stores etc... All good ideas but the long term, I think is in the stand alone store.

Random thought - Kiosk only store (music kiosk, kodak kiosk, dvd kiosk.....)
Earlier post about media delivery. Link at bottom about kiosk at exit of a concert where you can download or burn the show you just saw. Pretty sweet!!

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