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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Future of Media Delivery

I recently read a post by Mark Cuban on his blog, the blogmaverick, about the future of media delivery. In it he is focused on Hi Definition media delivery but that is because he is heavily invested in HDTV. But in the post he discusses using USB flash drives to carry his DVD's around. He copied a couple of DVD's onto a USB flash drive and took them on trip with him. He said it was flawless, just as good as a DVD, but smaller and unscratchable.

Now to fit one DVD on a flash drive you have to by a 512mb drive which currently cost around $50. But the whole idea is that the cost of these drives will soon be nothing and these drives come in sizes over 1 gig. With the meshing of the TV and the computer it is only a matter of time before a USB port is on your TV. (One company has already Elonex.) A USB port as the new DVD player? The shear portability is amazing but worrying about scratches would be a thing of the past.

So think about purchasing "Top Gun" on a USB flash drive, dropping it in your pocket, getting on a plane, popping the drive on your laptop and entering the danger zone. (corny i know)

To show you how much buzz there is around this idea here are two more articles using the technology to deliver media content over a USB flash drive.
1- USB Flash Drives To Carry Video Messages From Military Personnel To their Families
Title covers it.
2- Kiosk allows music fans to download the concert onto a USB 2.0 drive
This covers music showing the use of the drive is not limited to film but any digital media.

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