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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Taking Tivo to the Next Level

ucentric Posted by Hello

Finally a company thinking about how families actually use the TV. Ucentric has created software that allows the stored television shows on a DVR to be shared on multiple TVs. Not only is television content shared but MP3's are also shared.

I have not read up on all the logistics and technicalities but the software fills an obvious whole in the DVR bucket. Most homes that have a DVR have multiple televisions meaning multiple viewers. As a TV watcher I know that not everyone in the house wants to watch what I want to (most of you probably run into this problem as well, duh) , so a DVR has a built in flaw that if two people want to watch two different saved shows one person is screwed.

Again I will refer to the integration of the TV and computer post. This software is needed but I am not sure if the demand is high enough currently. Future buzz big and early adopters will want.

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