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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tid Bits

Both of these tid bits are from Gizmodo.

Solar Powered Backpack

backpack Posted by Hello

Self explanatory! Well sort of. The purpose is to be able to plug in any gadget (not a laptop) and get it charged. I like the concept but it is a little pricey $230.

Toshiba Meta Brain TV

In my post on the future of media content delivery I mentioned the future tv's will have input/outputs for flash drive memory devices. I mentioned Elonex as a TV having these features but now Toshiba has one (not sure of its availabilty). The TV has "dual Ethernet, FireWire, and USB ports that allow you to connect to your home network to stream video from PCs and Network Attached Storage devices, or record video back to the PC or NAS hard drives". It also allows you to put video onto a SD cards via the SD card slot on the TV. This ties in very well with my early post. (Yep tooting my horn and buzz!!)

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