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Friday, January 05, 2007

Google Talk and Music

Google Talk I recently found out that you can show your friends what music you're listening to via Google Talk. When you play a song in iTunes the track information is displayed below you name. This information is show normally were your status is displayed.

You have to download the stand alone version. The Google Talk within your Gmail does not support this but your track will be displayed within in your Gmail. After you download the software your name will appear at the top of the talk window with an arrow next to word "available" expand that menu by clicking on the arrow. Then pick show current music track. It only supports iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp and Yahoo Music Engine.

In a perfect world it would support Pandora b/c I tend to switch between Pandora and iTunes. It is a fun little feature for Google Talk. It more or less allows you to discover new music via your friends. The beauty of this is that it is built in to my instant messenger which contains most of my friends. I don't have some new program that is obtrusive that I have to convince my friends to use so I can see what music they are listening to.

One example of this is iLike which is an add on for iTunes. It is a good idea but not perfect. iLike also has put my iTunes on the fritz. Everytime I close iTunes it gives me an error.

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