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Thursday, January 11, 2007

$20.65 billion Spent Online in 12 Days - How Much Did Your Company Get

This years online holiday sales stats are pretty impressive and companies should take note. Companies that depend on the holiday season for huge revenues need to evaluate their online marketing strategies and allign them with where their consumers are buying. The first 48 days of the holiday season approximately $20.65 billion dollars were spent online. This is an increase of 25% over last year.
Top 12 Days of 2006 Holiday E-Commerce Shopping, November 1 to December 18
RankDateE-Commerce Spending (Millions)
1Wednesday, December 13$666.9
2Monday, December 11$660.8
3Monday, December 4$647.5
4Friday, December 8$638.2
5Thursday, December 14$634.4
6Wednesday, December 6$630.06
7Thursday, December 7$629.4
8Friday, December 15$623.9
9Tuesday, December 12$619.8
10Tuesday, December 5$612.3
11Tuesday, November 28$608.2
12Monday, November 27 - "Cyber Monday"$607.6
Note: Ranked by dollars spent, non-travel retail spending, excludes auctions and large corporate purchases
Source: comScore Networks

As a company you need to either bring an SEO/SEM (search engine optimizer / search engine marketer) person in house or outsource the work. As more consumers shift their buying habits online you need to be there when they search for your products.

A larger strategy for any business would be to incorporate your PR, traditional advertising and online advertising. A prime example of this is say you sell blue widgets and you happen to get mentioned on the Oprah's show or even something smaller such as an industry magazine. With 75% penetration of broadband in US homes a consumer wanting your blue widget will at some point go online to search for your blue widget. If you competitor comes up first in the search they may click on their site first. And purchase the blue widget from them.

Now lets say the blue widget buyer finds your site first but does not buy at that time but finds out one of your resellers is in his city and goes there to purchase the blue widget. Perfect! Now this type of sale is harder to track but not impossible.

In the end you need a strategy for your online marketing or you will be missing growth and missing sales.

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