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Friday, December 15, 2006

Web 2.0 What is Possible

I ask my developer friends what is possible with the new Web 2.0 features out there. I have gotten some very good answers but coming from the visual generation the best answer was Script.aculo.us.

As the wiki explains "script.aculo.us is a JavaScript library built on the Prototype Javascript Framework. script.aculo.us provides dynamic visual effects and user interface elements via the Document Object Model."

Script.aculo.us' motto is "it is all about the user interface, baby!" They offer a java script library which is a great reference for for all things Web 2.0. My favorite part is the demo section. This section is great for visually seeing what types of features are possible. As I brainstorm for new features for a site these demos are perfect to see what is possible. Most of the demo's you have used but it is good to see them all in one place.

I highly recommend Script.aculo.us for anyone looking to add some Web 2.0 features to their site.

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