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Thursday, December 14, 2006

T-Shirt Craze

This is the second edition of craze the first covered sneakers. Below I will breakdown some of the online t-shirts that are very popular in some cirlces.

I will start with a local Chicago company that is growing like gangbusters, Threadless. Threadless takes the community scene and applies it to T-shirts. You can submit your designs and vote on designs as well. They have tons of cool shirts and our always coming out with new ones. Here is a current one I like called Homework Evidence

Next up is ThreadPit. They are what people would call more sophomoric humor. The example below is one of the few without a sexual reference.

Imaginary Foundation
is my favorite. They sell other items but their shirts and prints are what I like. They use quotes that I find very interesting and I would descibe the shirts as a mix of trippy and Mony Python. Here is a sample


Worn By recreated shirts that were made famous from a picture a star was in. One example is Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys wore a shirt that said Venice on it. Other shirts involve Keith Richards, Muhamed Ali, The Grateful Dead and Sonny Liston.

Robata Brand is constantly sold out but their shirts have an artistic flair to them. Very cool but hard to find.

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