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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


For those of you in the "know" these companies are old (always good to refresh your memory), but they are companies I have wanted to post on but have not had the time.

Meetro - It is tricky to explain but it is a social networking tool that tells you who is in your radius. It literally tells you who is in close proximity to you and then you can start instant messaging with those people. All by choice and most people have a profile.

Linkedin - I have used this in the past and have actually had great results. It is a networking tool but more business oriented. So lets say you needed to meet someone that knows about widgets. This is the place to go. They recently added a job listing that is great because it tells you if you know someone that works at that company or are networked through someone else who works at that company. Best way to start here is by getting your network (friends, family etc) to signup and the rest flows from there.

Meetup - A great place to find people interested in the same things you are and then actually meeting them face to face. I am not sure how popular the groups are but I have been to the Chicago Bulldog Meetups and they are great.

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