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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Taste the Future of Digital Content in Your Car

If you have read my blog at all and from my visit history there are two of you, you know that I like the future of delivering content on multiple formats. And now this is coming to the car.
First is the car stereo that does the normal stereo things like AM/FM, CD, CD-R/RW, RDS, detachable face etc.... but this one (not totally sure who makes) can play MP3's from either a USB drive, SD memory card or MMC card. No you say that's cool and all but how do you navigate, well the screen reads the tags (ie artist, album, genre etc...). Not sure about the user interface but it has the potential to be friendly. Here is another link with a better pic and it appears the company is called H&B. For those of us in the US there are some on Ebay.

Speaking of Ebay search Phat Noise. Phat Noise, from what I can find, appears to be the leader in digital media for the car. Their devices essentially allow you to loadup your Phat Noise cartridge/hard drive with your MP3's then take the cartridge to your car and dock it with the Phat Noise System. Then you can access your MP3 collection in your car. They have several ways to install the system in your car. One is in CD changer slot in your trunk and the other is in overhead storage (see mobile media). The list of features goes on voice searching, video options, multi zones ......

With the Phat Noise I could see myself putting my Tivo to Go on the cartridge for long car rides, or loading it with some podcast hence turning the podcast into my radio.

Obviously there are design issues with each system but you can see the future from these. Digital content is the future and the two places we will want it most are in our homes and in our cars.

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