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Friday, September 30, 2005

New Book

I am currently reading The Search: How Google and It's Rivals Rewrote The Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. The title is a bit long but it summarizes the book. I have not finished the book but I am compelled to write about it. It goes over the history of search and was interesting because I knew nothing of how it evolved. Besides the history it goes into how Google specifically has and is changing the way culture and businesses use the internet. I know a little about how Google makes money, ads(adsense), but I did not know that Google did not have money making business model until 2001. Think about it, it is now 2005 and they are swimming in money, stock currently priced at $314. (Side note supposedly they will never split their stock ala Warren Buffett)

After reading the first half, my mind has been racing with how to utilize what Google is offering but also examine where things are going. Google has some big things in the works. A current rumor is that Google is going to offer free wifi. They also recently launched Google Talk and Google Earth (very cool and free satellite mapping system).

I highly recommend the book to any businessman or to anyone curious about why Google is so big.

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