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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Death to the CD!! Wellllll

This post from the Blogmaverick is old (April 2005) but very interesting. Cuban argues that the CD is starting its decline into the same pit the eight track, cassette tape and record are in.

I agree whole heartily and wish the death would come sooner so we all may enjoy our music with more freedom. The music industry, as always, is still holding on to old when the new holds far more potential for them. Especially in profits. Digital music cuts the physical medium out of the cost(CD, tape, vinyl...). This means no producing CDs, no creating labels, no jewel cases etc.... Digital music cuts the shipping out of the cost, cuts the physical space need to store and sale the CDs by a huge percentage. Content could be sent over the internet or hold the content on terabyte drives in the store and update the content weekly. Which from what I know the music industry prefers the terabyte drives holding the content in store or where ever.

Cuban expands much more on this topic and I actually have been researching this topic for the past year. In the end we will see digital music kill the CD. It is undecided which format(MP3, WAV, AAC) will be the uniform choice but no matter the CD is going to the pit of useless mediums.

Consumers will be able to get music at home from their computers, at the airport at downloading stations, at the mall, at concerts (Emusic ), at 7-11, you name a place you have wanted to hear a song and you could conceivably be able to get that song. The movie industry should go this way as well but that is a post for another day.

Well done!
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