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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Why some trends take off and why some die

tipping point Posted by Hello

This audio presentation, from itconversations, is by Malcom Gladwell the author of the famous book The Tipping Point. In this presentation he talks a little bit about his new book Blink, coming out in January. In the talk he uses examples like the Aeron chair and New Coke. Both showing how market research has its flaws. Which ties into his new book because it is about first impression and how we form them. But back to the examples.

The Aeron chair when it was shown to people in market research they said it was ugly, bring it back when it is done etc..... But the chair is now the biggest selling chair every (per what I have read, I think the school folding chair has to be up there.) Then the New Coke example is that in taste testing New Coke was huge hit. But when it was released the original Coke was taken off the shelfs. This caused the public to go nuts and New Coke flopped. The details of these examples are in the conversation. It is about 30 minutse long but if you would like to learn more about how companies decide whether to release a product or not, read this. Comapny buzz!

Links - Itconversations - other interesting audio presentations
- The Tipping Point - awesome book about how trends and ideas spread (buzzology)
- Blink - new book about first impressions and how they are formed

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