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Monday, November 29, 2004

New Links

Here are the new links that can be found under the blog links section. Some links got the boot due to that fact that new material was not posted regularly. Basically if you don't post once a week or more your out. (Harsh consider I barely fit the minimum requirements)

Always On Network
Blogzine about technology in the news and much more. Might move this up to "Visit Daily" section.

Terry Gold
Lots of good advice for entrepreneurs.

Occams Razor - listed in links as VC on Tech and investments
A venture capitalist view on many subjects.

Digital Entertainment Convergence
This blog covers "news, views, analysis, and ideas on the business, media, and technology innovations bringing digital entertainment to the PC, TV and mobile devices." (not sure how long this blog with stay as link. Last post was in August but I really like the content. Probably gone next time I update the links sections.)

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