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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Best WiFi Hotels

wifi in hotels Posted by Hello

Hotel Chatter has ranked the best hotel chains with Wifi. This very helpful for travelers. This idea has already taken off but I would like to see it taken to another level. Actually providing a computer in the room. All you would need would be a keyboard, mouse and screen. Then you can run all the lines to a central server. Allow only internet access. I know that this does not help a business traveler(they have their own laptops anyways) but it hits the other people traveling (soccer moms, wedding parties, people on vacation etc...) These people would only want to check their email and some websites (like what is around the hotel) they wouldn't need to print stuff or download stuff or create documents. Obviously a local tech guy would need to be on retainer to fix problems but that would be minimal. Maybe a hotel chain could put computers in a couple of rooms and charge $5 extra for the perk of a computer. I would pay that. It would be an easy away that hotels could seperate themselves from the bunch.

Check out the list I think as time goes on WiFi in hotels will be a common thing. Buzz already happening!

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