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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Technology in the Background

Ambient Beacon Posted by Hello

These devices, by Ambient Devices, have been out for a little while but the concept is something to look at. The idea is that you can take the weather beacon (in picture) set it up in your house. You wake up in the morning get dressed glance over at the beacon and realize it is cool out so you throw on a sweater. Now this is a basic example but the idea can applied to the stock market (green when up 5, red when down), a particular stock, a sports score, traffic and the list goes on. They also have a dashboard (which reminds of the old weather station with info on the pressure, temp and humidity) which is setup to follow numerous types of info on one small "dashboard". The other cool thing about Ambient is that the basic service is free. (Not sure what basic is but free is always good)

I don't know if these devices will take off but the idea of uninstrusive technology is great. Instead of waking up and having to click on the TV or click on a website you can glance at the orb to know the temperature or who won the game. It is the integration of technology into our lives where the information is available for us with less obtrusiveness and more time for other things. The TiVo creates more freedom and checkout Personica, they have a radio that will read you the news and scores that you want in the morning.

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