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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Links of Buzz

I am headed to Walt Disney World this week so I have not had time to do a proper post but here are 2 links about using cell phones for more than phone calls.

Google SMS service - send google a text message for definitions, conversions, people finder etc
I have used this and it is very fast. The general search you can do is not great because the results are all over the place but the define and froogle searches work well.

Camera phone to compare pricing! - Have not read alot about this but in general you download a program to your phone. Then you can take pictures of a products bar code then send the pic via text messaging and results from pricegrabber or amazon are sent back. Can't see it catching on but I like the idea. I don't know how many times I have been in Best Buy wondering if I could the gadget I am looking at cheaper on the internet.

Greg, Any word on using cell phones to "dial up" the internet on your notebook computer? I know I've seen this before, but it hasn't seemed to catch on yet... I'm assuming due to data speed/cost/convienience issues. Or are other technologies such as PDA/handheld computer/cell phone hybrids taking the place of that type of setup?
From what I know and as you stated the connection in the US is slow and costly seeing as you pay by the amount of data. The new 3G network is suppose to be faster. AT&T has this in some areas. I see this type of connection as possibly getting past by because of the pda, cell phone, blackberry type of devices having the capabilities to connect.
The FCC needs to help speed things up so we can get faster wireless networks. Asian markets are way ahead of the US in wireless data transfer speeds.
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