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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Lexis Nexis Available on Blackberry!

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"With the help of our comprehensive offering of LexisNexis legal, news and business information via BlackBerry, law firms and attorneys can stay one step ahead of the opposing counsel, no matter where they are." Blackberry(actually RIM) and Lexis Nexis have teamed to provide the vast information that Lexis has to the mobile world. I love Lexis and a Blackberry is on my wish list the only problem is that my wallet currently does not allow me to subscribe to Lexis.

I can see law enforcement agencies utilizing this as well it is a great investigative tool, that my company has idiotically cut. The buzz on this is huge in the fields that use Lexis, which is obviously big since attorneys are everywhere.

Press Release - from Lexis Nexis

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