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Friday, September 17, 2004

Google Changing The Way You Search For A Job!

google ad Posted by Hello

Google has taken the job hunt to a new level with this math problem that engineers and logarithm lovers would understand. The above ad says "(first 10 digit prime found in consecutive digits of e).com". Once you know that answer you go to that website and there is another math problem and once that is figured out you are taken to a job description/application page. Google is essentially weeding out bad applicants and letting the best come to them. Obviously, Google wants someone that is good will logarithms to help improve or create a search engine. Now will it payoff? Maybe.

They are saving time by not having to sift through hundreds of resumes but they are paying for the advertising. The cost of the billboards versus the time to hire someone the old fashioned way (sift through resumes, interview, re-interview etc) probably cancels each other out. If that is the case, the money is not an issue and Google gets more qualified candidates in the door faster.
This type of job searching can only work for very specific fields and I would love to see other companies try it.
More info at NPR.

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