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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Business Efficency thru Smart Dust

smartmesh Posted by Hello

"the concept of 'smart dust,' or grids of very small wireless communication nodes dubbed 'motes,' which permit to monitor the environment" The technology is here and as tends to be the trend it must be applied. I have been reading things about "smartdust" for about a year now and it is good to see it come to fruition. Essentially there are small pieces of "dust" that monitor the environment (software tells them what to monitor) via sensors. Then the information is passed along from "dust" (node) to "dust" until it reaches the central monitoring system and from there changes can be made to the environment to create more efficiency. The industries that can utilize this are manufacturing, security, agriculture, defense etc... I can't wait to see what happens. Lots of future buzz here.

Links: Dust Networks, MIT Tech Review Article

GREAT WORK! Thanks!!!
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