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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Disposable Digital cameras from CVS

cvs Posted by Hello

As you can see CVS is selling disposable digital cameras for $20. You get a 2 megapixels camera, flash, LCD screen and 25 pictures. You can delete any bad pictures so all 25 pictures you should want to keep. The catch being the $20 does not include prints or a CD with the prints on it. Seems a little pricey but a good start. They are not truly disposable but more appropriately should be called rentable digital cameras. Once you return the camera to CVS they repackage it if need be, clear the memory and re-rent the camera. A great idea that will evolve into the the killer of the original disposable camera.

While we are talking about CVS they have also setup a kiosk where you can print camera phone pictures for 29 cents a picture. Your camera phone must have bluetooth or infrared. The money in digital photography is in the prints and CVS appears to be getting a jump. The premise is the same way that Kodak made his money, create cheap cameras and film then have a monopoly in the development of the film and charge what you wish.

CVS is creating lots of buzz around digital photography.

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