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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Buzz of the Past Week

HBO new show Posted by Hello
ENTOURAGE - New HBO Sunday Night Show

-This show is only 3 episodes in but just got picked up for a second season. It is HBO's prime sunday night spot. The premise is simply one guy out of his friends makes it big in hollywood and brings his friends along for the ride. Every guys dream of living off the high hog and not doing any work. Check out the website there are clips from the episodes. Definetly a guys show but I know some girls that are into it. Only negative is that it is only 30 minutes.

WWW.ICEROCKET.COM - Taking Down Google?

- Just found this search site. Mark Cuban is apart of this company in some form so it sure to be different. I have used it a little and found it usefull but check out Mark Cuban's blog, he explains where the site is headed. Sounds interesting!!

IPOD and BLUETOOTH - Rumor!?
- This blog posting shows a bluetooth adapter for an Ipod. The technology is available I wonder what it will do to the sound quality. There are other rumors on the web that the Ipod of the near future will have bluetooth. A good match of technologies in my mind.

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