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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Buzz Links

The Future Lawyers and Accountants
This is a commencement address given by a contributing editor of Wired Magazine. The speech discusses were the future of jobs is headed. He argues that designers and artist will be more in demand that accountants or lawyers.
"Last year, Harvard Business School, the premier MBA program in the world, the place where even the President of the United States earned his degreeĀ—admitted only about 10 percent of its applicants. That's pretty tough. But there are several places where the admissions standards are even tougher. For instance, the graduate program of the UCLA Department of Art admitted only three percent of its applicants. In other words, it's easier, much easier, to get into Harvard Business School than UCLA Art School."
Now numbers can be misleading but I tend to agree that the future will be full of designer, artist and innovators creating things the world did not know it was missing. The speech raises a lot of questions about job buzz and I think the job shift will be occurring sooner rather than later.

Demand for Innovation
This article, from the Boston Globe, relates to the above article. Customers are driving the need for innovation. Customers are demanding that the latest and greatest be available immediately. And for this to occur companies have to stay ahead of the game by innovating. So the area of innovation within companies will be a long term buzz area. Both articles compliment each other.

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