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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A smarter way to search the Web with Grokker

grokker sample Posted by Hello
The above picture is a sample of what a search on Grokker looks like.  The search software organizes searches visually on one page making your search easier, faster and from my experience a lot more efficient.  After you do a search Grokker puts the different websites that are related to your search in to different bubbles and each bubble is a subject.  The bubbles (which can be changed into other shapes) are setup like a hierarchy with general subjects being big bubbles and more focused subjects (bubbles) inside the big bubbles.  I know it sounds confusing but I search a lot and think I am quite good at using the old standards of Google and Yahoo but Grokker is quite simply a better search engine.  An interesting option to searching on Grokker is that it will search the web, Amazon or Google.  So a search engine software searching a search engine! Weird but once you have your search results displayed  and categorized on one page the word weird will not be used. 
Now it does cost money but you can try out a trial version.  I encourage all researchers, students and general internet users to try it out.  The true test will be if my post here will make it to the search results of Grokker on Grokker!?

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