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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Moblogging - A good use for a camera phone

The newest tech craze is the moblog and a moblog is a blog that is controled via a mobile device. Hence the name.

Moblogs have become popular recently especially with camera phones. The way it works is you setup an account online at a site like Textamerica. Alot of these moblog hosting sites let you post for free, which textamerica does. Once you setup the free account you have an address to send your pictures or thoughts to, from your phone. So lets say you take a picture of Mark Prior with your camera phone. Well after that you can send the picture to the address textamerica gave you. Once sent it is posted on your personal moblog.
Up until now I have not seen the camera phone as a useful device because the quality of the pictures is low and the process of sharing the pictures was involved. But now with moblogging you can easily send the pictures to your own moblog. One application I see for moblogging is sharing pictures from a trip. An example would be a trip to Italy and you wanted to keep gramdma up to date with what you are doing.

Examples of a moblogs Leoville, Celebrity Sitings, Mullet Watch.

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